With more than 40 years’ experience, Tridan is known as a reliable and service-oriented wholesaler. Tridan is the largest independent Danish wholesaler of spare parts for white goods.

Our telephone staff are highly skilled, and all our employees receive continuous development training. At Tridan telephone calls are answered immediately, and specialist technical consultation does not cost extra.

Together with three of Europe’s largest wholesale distributors of spare parts for white goods, Tridan is co-owner of Europart (www.europart.com). Our purchasers select only the best quality.

From our warehouse in Sønderborg we are sending more than 100,000 shipments annually to customers throughout Denmark, Sweden and Norway. Orders are mostly shipped the same day.

Our primary customers are Danish retail trade shops, installers and B2C customers.

To also support the end-user sector, Tridan has launched B2C ‘Quickparts’ webshops in Denmark, Sweden and Norway.